Fesch’Martk – very nice experience

Today I want to share with you some thoughts and Fotos from #Fesch’Markt.

The atmosphere was pretty cool and the range of Produkts impressive.
You could find there a lot of Designer’s cloth, modern Ceramic, Vintage Furniture, leather and Art Products.

I was impressed by the Stand with Parfumed Candels, the smell was refreshing and inspiring.

In terms of Jewelry, there were so many options to choose from and all so nice.

Outside, in the Yard of #OttakringerBrauerei was organized a Food Corner with
Wraps, traditional Austrian Food, French pancakes and selected Bio Coffee.

The Music and the people gathered outside made the atmosphere exquisite.
It was like in the summer nights, sitting outside on the Donau Channel.

I can truly say that I enjoyed my first visit to the Fesch’Markt.

Now I must hurry because I want to prepare myself for the next Fesch’Markt in 2020.

I really hope that next year you will be able to buy some of my products directly there.
Wish me luck for becoming a Fesch’Markt Presenter.:)

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