Happy New Year Vienna 2019

Imagine you get to spend the New Year’s Eve in Vienna, one of the most beautiful cities on this Planet. What would you do? Of course you will take a ride to see the Palace Schonbrunn, take a walk in the old inner city, stop at the famous city hall (Rathaus) and enjoy the most delicious dishes of the austrian cuisine.

If you stop at Schonbrunn don’t forget to enjoy the most delicious “Apple Pie” at Cafe Residenz along with the “Einspänner” one of best coffee (double espresso with cream). You can also take a seat and see how the 1 Meter Apple Pie is made and of course, don’t forget to taste it.

Take a stop at the Silvester Market at Karlplatz and try one of the locals traditions: Raclette Brot or Fladen Brot. Raclette is like melted cheese on bread and Falden Brot it’s like a slice of Pizza bread with different flavours and filled with air bubbles. You will love it, trust me.

I hope I made you curious enough and Viena will be on your New Year’s List for 2019.
I wish you all a Happy New Year and lot’s of challenges for 2019!!!