Find your art materials in Boesner

Dear Readers,

Today I want to share with you some tips about what materials you need in order to paint with #WaterColours. 🙂

You might think you need just some colorus, paper and a brush. It’s true, but in case you want to become a professional water color artist then you need to find the best quality products. When you are new is the Field this Information is really useful.

I live in Vienna (Austria) and luckily here we have a big shop with everything in terms of art products. It’s quite huge so for me going to #Boesner is like going to the mall. They have an online shop as well, but I like to go there because you can see the colors, touch the papers and feel the texture.  I also like to stop at the green Coffee Corner which is pretty cozy and relaxing. 🙂

Every time I go to #Boesner I want to buy the whole shop, lucky me this time I had some Vouchers received as presents. I took also my 2 years old boy with me and he was very excited too. We also found some colors pencils for him which are special designed for small children.

Going back to the shop list, this time I choose the following products:

  • Aquarelle Paper from #Hahnemüle and #Start
  • Primary Water Colours from #Winsor&Newton
  • Pearlescent Water Colours from #FineTec
  • Masking Fluid from #Schmincke
  • Brushes from #Kolintik or #Kolinsky

Water Colour Papers you can find from many Producers. Until now I tried #Fabriano, #Canson and #Schoellershammer. The most important when you select the paper is the thickness of the paper. Usually I take more then 200 g/m² because the paper absorbs the water very well and ist nice to work with. The Size, Color (perfect White, Black, Yellow White) and Texture of the Paper is just a matter of taste.

Usually I buy my colors from #Schmincke which are very nice, the colorus intense and they look so good on paper. This is a German Provider for one of the most finest colours on the market. This time I wanted to try something new, so I choose the Primary colors from #Winsor&Newton. This is the most famous British Producer which even has a Royal Warrant received from Queen Victoria in 1841. The colors are bright, vibrant and have very fine pigments.

I also wanted some metallic colors so the Seller recommended me #FineTec . They just look amazing so brilliant and shinny. I can’t wait to use them and I’m sure it will give a metallic shinny touch to my paintings.

In terms of Brushes I selected the #Kolintik type. They are similar as the ones made from #Kolinsky hear and I already love them.

Additional I wanted a special masking Fluid which gives you the possibility to leave white spots on the paper. In German is called “rubbelkrepp” and is very useful for creating special effects.

I really hope my tips will be useful for your future shopping List.

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Fesch’Martk – very nice experience

Today I want to share with you some thoughts and Fotos from #Fesch’Markt.

The atmosphere was pretty cool and the range of Produkts impressive.
You could find there a lot of Designer’s cloth, modern Ceramic, Vintage Furniture, leather and Art Products.

I was impressed by the Stand with Parfumed Candels, the smell was refreshing and inspiring.

In terms of Jewelry, there were so many options to choose from and all so nice.

Outside, in the Yard of #OttakringerBrauerei was organized a Food Corner with
Wraps, traditional Austrian Food, French pancakes and selected Bio Coffee.

The Music and the people gathered outside made the atmosphere exquisite.
It was like in the summer nights, sitting outside on the Donau Channel.

I can truly say that I enjoyed my first visit to the Fesch’Markt.

Now I must hurry because I want to prepare myself for the next Fesch’Markt in 2020.

I really hope that next year you will be able to buy some of my products directly there.
Wish me luck for becoming a Fesch’Markt Presenter.:)

Let’s find some “feschy” Christmas Presents at “Fesch’Markt” this week-end in Otakringer Brauerei

Did you ever heard of “Fesch’Markt”?

“Fesch” is a German word, very beloved in Austria and it means “nice”, “attractive”, “fashionable”.

“Fesch’Markt” is actually a big market for new Start-ups business, young Designers/Artists and private Producers.

You can find there all sort of products like art, furniture, jewelry, vintage, delicious food and drinks.

They are organized yearly in 4 big Cities/Regions of Austria: Linz, Vienna, Graz and Vorarlberg.

In Vienna is taking place this week-end starting today in the famous Beer Factory “Otakringer Brauerei”.

This is actually very nice because you get to visit the Beer Factory as well.

So in case you want to buy your Christmas presents in advance I think it’s worth visiting and I’m sure will find some “feschy” home made presents for your lovely ones.

I know for sure I will pay a visit.

Link:   feschmarkt


GetABorici Goal and Vision

So in the last week I was thinking about my Goal and Vision as an Artist.

Here is what I came up with. Leave some comments to let me know what you think about it?


My goal is bringing beauty and transformations in your life.

My vision:

#new  #experience  #challenge  #travel  #transformations  #Inspiration 

#rethink  #brain  #Vitamins  #endless  #Imagination  #fairyland  #break#

I think that trough Art people can transform themselves, it’s like a new experience, a new challenge and even new land.

We are all busy during the day so watching or creating Art for me its’s like making a step away from the daily routine, giving myself some time to rethink my thoughts, breath some fresh air and get inspired.

When I watch a painting in a Gallery Art it’s like travelling into a different World and opening my mind to endless new possibilities.

I mean the children like to imagine and live in the Fairy Lands so why wouldn’t adults do the same.

So next time when you find yourself in front of the Painting try to imagine you are travelling into “Alice in the wonderworld” or just think of “Avatar” and then you will definitely see Art with different eyes.

People don’t have time anymore to visit museum and they may think it’s useless but actually it’s like giving yourself a break, let yourself inspired, surrounding yourself with something different.

The brain needs also cultural vitamins in order to stay fit!

Tips: Before traveling to the space or to a different continent, just take a short visit to the Art Gallery in your City.




Happy Women’s Day 2019 # Alles Liebe zum Internationalen Frauen Tag

I wish to all the women a very beautiful and pleasant day today! Try to celebrate every day if possible!
I made a list with some events for Women today in Vienna. Hope you enjoy it:

1) Today there is a free entry in Unteres Belvedere for the Exhibition “Stadt der frauen”.
Heute ist Frauen Tag und in Unteres Belvedere gibt es Freie Eintritt für den ganze Tag für die Austellung “Stadt der frauen”.

2) Also very interesting is the Special Tour Guide in Albertina for the Exhibition “Rubens bis Makart Die Fürstlichen Sammlungen Liechtenstein”. The entrance ticket is not for free although.
Was wäre noch interssant zu machen, es gibt auch ein Gratis Spezialführungen “Rubens bis Makart Die Fürstlichen Sammlungen Liechtenstein” bei der Albertina (aber Eintritt Karte ist nicht frei).

3) The Rathaus also offers a lot of events today, including also a special Tour to visit the City Town Hall at 15.45 and 17.30.
Bei der Rathaus gibt es auch viele Veranstaltungen für Frauen heute.
Führungen im Rathaus
Auch dieses Jahr wird wieder 2-mal die Führung “Wege der Frauen durchs Rathaus” angeboten.
•Zeit: 15.45 und 17.30 Uhr
•Treffpunkt: Rathaus Stadtinformationszentrum

If you still don’t know what to do today then pay a visit at the Shop Douglas for a special make-up session and a small surprise.
Wann du noch nicht weiß was heute mussen soll, dann gibt es in Douglas geschäft ein Spezial Make-up Refresh und eine kleine überaschung.