GetABorici Goal and Vision

So in the last week I was thinking about my Goal and Vision as an Artist.

Here is what I came up with. Leave some comments to let me know what you think about it?


My goal is bringing beauty and transformations in your life.

My vision:

#new  #experience  #challenge  #travel  #transformations  #Inspiration 

#rethink  #brain  #Vitamins  #endless  #Imagination  #fairyland  #break#

I think that trough Art people can transform themselves, it’s like a new experience, a new challenge and even new land.

We are all busy during the day so watching or creating Art for me its’s like making a step away from the daily routine, giving myself some time to rethink my thoughts, breath some fresh air and get inspired.

When I watch a painting in a Gallery Art it’s like travelling into a different World and opening my mind to endless new possibilities.

I mean the children like to imagine and live in the Fairy Lands so why wouldn’t adults do the same.

So next time when you find yourself in front of the Painting try to imagine you are travelling into “Alice in the wonderworld” or just think of “Avatar” and then you will definitely see Art with different eyes.

People don’t have time anymore to visit museum and they may think it’s useless but actually it’s like giving yourself a break, let yourself inspired, surrounding yourself with something different.

The brain needs also cultural vitamins in order to stay fit!

Tips: Before traveling to the space or to a different continent, just take a short visit to the Art Gallery in your City.




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